A girl is stuck in the busy city traffic and takes a short route. But via this new route home she unexpectedly gets into trouble! Two unsightly types try to catch her and she runs away ... The way home is full of danger!
Will she be able to make it home safely?

Script, direction, animation and production: Dennis Dean

CST is a global player in the field of tires. With more than 20,000 employees Cheng Shin tires is the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world and is represented in more than 150 countries. Dennis Dean designed and made the mascot for Cst.  
This happy little character is named "Pumpy" in China,  and has become quite famous over time.
In Xiamen (4.5 million inhabitants) China, where the Cst head office is located, they are currently working on the construction of a Cst museum/amusement park. In and around this park are some statues of  Pumpy the mascot, the largest of which is about 5 meters high. Furthermore you will encounter Pumpy everywhere in the city of Xiamen. At the airport, advertising on city buses, billboards etc.
Like I said, he is quite famous! :)

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