Dennis Dean is an Amsterdam-based creative digital production studio for brands, agencies, and production companies
With a solid experience in hands on production and directing we approach a project from both client-and production point of view. 
We like to work either  independently or as part of a team with inspiring and talented people. 
Because every production needs a different approach, we assemble the best possible team from a team of creative specialists.

To turn any idea into a stunning visual outcome there is a challenge in the conceptual part of a production. A strong and original idea is one of the most important factors for a successful animation or video. To make that idea work as well as possible, we devise a creative concept, write a script, create storyboards and do everything that is needed before a start is made on production.

We specialize in:
- Animation (3D and 2D)
- Motion graphics
- Character animation and design
- Concepting, script and storyboard
- Visual effects
- Compositing
- Augmented reality
- Virtual reality
- Production from A to Z
- Consultancy
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