Dennis Dean is a creative digital studio specialized in Animation, Motion Graphics and design, Compositing and Post-production.
We love turning ideas into captivating images!

We deliver high-quality, custom animations that bring visions and messages to life. Whether it concerns catchy commercials, inspiring corporate films or animations and Visual FX for the film industry.

 Animation, motion graphics and design, composition and post-production.We have the expertise and creativity to realize projects from concept to delivery.​​​​​​​

Because every production needs a different approach, we assemble dynamic and creative production teams tailored to each project's needs.
Whether working independently or integrating seamlessly with your team, we collaborate with talented individuals to bring inspiring projects to life.

We specialize in:
- Animation (3D and 2D)
- Motion graphics & Design
- Compositing

- Character animation and design
- Concepting, script and storyboard
- Visual effects
- Augmented reality
- Virtual reality
- Production from A to Z
- Consultancy
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