Ziggo is giving seniors a great day this summer with "The Huiskamer van Toen": a space that comes to life through 360-degree projection of high-quality audio and video technology. The projections take seniors through highlights from the rich history of 70 years of television entertainment. Thus, with today's technology, seniors relive the greatest moments of the past. The Huiskamer van Toen will visit various residential care centers this summer to give the elderly a beautiful day, where they will also have the opportunity to participate in the workshop "Memories; about making, saving and sending photos" of the educational program Welkom Online. With this, Ziggo and partner Nationaal Ouderenfonds show what technology can do for the elderly - for whom digital access is less obvious.

Joy, fun and security

For the elderly, memories are an important source of joy, pleasure and a sense of security. The films, TV programs and music of earlier times are means of keeping those memories alive. It is now some 70 years since television entered living rooms and a new form of entertainment became commonplace. With this campaign, Ziggo unlocks a world of entertainment and lets older people marvel at today's technological possibilities.

Agency: Glasnost International

Brand: Ziggo Vodafone
Direction and edit Immersive Experience: Danny den Hartog
Design seventies living room, Motion Graphics design, VFX/3d & Compositing: Dennis Dean animation & design

Sound design & Mixing: Never Square Music
Technique: Beam Systems
Film: New Amsterdam Film Company
3d design huiskamer
3d design huiskamer
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