Our Circular Economy

We live in a world with a linear economic model. We use raw materials that we process into products, we use these products for a while and then throw them away. Some of these products are being recycled...This leads to huge amounts of waste. For example population growth and increasing demand for products leads to an increasing demand for raw materials...But what if we reuse all previously recovered raw materials? From linear to circular economy.In the circular economy, raw materials are used as long as possible and then reused.This way we maximize the use of the raw materials from the beginning to the end.Because it costs less energy to reuse raw materials than to extract and process raw materials, we also save a lot of energy, which benefits a better environment. Circular One believes that a circular economy is smarter, more efficient and more profitable. It is actually very logical.

 Animation, script, concept, corporate identity design, memorandum, design, concept etc: Dennis Dean &  Bureau Studio

At the request of the client, this animation can only be seen on request. info@dennisdean.nl for a link and password
Below are some stills from the animation:

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